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Sexual Subjectification

Interactive performance piece by Hanna Nygren and Johan Paus

Stockholm Fringe Festival 2020

Sexual Subjectification is to be made subjective in relation to one’s sexuality and desires. In this interactive performance, you will connect with your bodily sensations and by doing so move closer to becoming a true subject.

We are taught to view ourselves as objects rather than subjects in relation to our own desires. Though this interactive performance piece we invite you to explore the pleasures of this world as a TRUE SUBJECT. We believe that sex is the physical manifestation of life’s energy. Sex is creation. Sex is life. Thus there is potential for pleasure in everything. We believe that learning to notice and use this potential will make us more connected to our own subjectivity.

During this piece, you will choose how to participate, as this experience is for you to explore your own subjectivity. Through group work, movement and exercises you will create your own unique experience. We invite you to be both brave and conscious of your boundaries as we strive to ground ourselves as curious subjects of life.

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